Bailey Glasser’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) legal team provides comprehensive legal and compliance services to all direct participants (college athletes, their families, and sponsors) in the quickly developing NIL industry.


Our team includes a former professional basketball player, former Division I athletes, corporate and intellectual property lawyers, esports and app development attorneys, financial professionals (including a tax attorney and CPA), and Title IX leaders and litigators, all of whom can guide college athletes and their sponsors through the NIL process, from recruitment through college graduation. 

Our services include:

  • Partnering with student-athletes (starting in high school) to identify and develop an NIL strategy that aligns with the athlete’s personal values and interests
  • Advising and counseling athletes to make key decisions pursuant to their NIL strategy
  • Contract drafting and review to ensure your rights are protected and your sponsorship complies with shifting rules
  • Intellectual property protection, including digital avatar licensing
  • For-profit and non-profit entity creation to help protect your assets, as well as give back to the community
  • Compliance assistance, ensuring your compliance, reporting, and disclosure requirements are met
  • Financial and trust accounting, where we help you pay taxes, establish financial budgets, and plan for the future
  • Legislation tracking, so you know all changes that may impact your eligibility and rights
  • Title IX compliance evaluation and representation

A student-athlete’s name, image, and likeness (NIL) are the three identifiers that comprise a student-athlete’s legal right of publicity. With different states around the U.S. passing NIL legislation and the NCAA’s decision to suspend its rules related to NIL, student-athletes, businesses, and colleges are now faced with navigating untested waters.

Bailey Glasser’s deep connections with local businesses and our experience in negotiating deals with professional athletes and content creators allow us to provide comprehensive legal support to our NIL clients and guide them through every step of the NIL deal process.

Subject to a state-by-state and school-by-school approach to NIL rights and still developing federal legislative efforts, we help our NIL clients understand and address the numerous compliance and eligibility concerns associated with NIL. We also provide representation to individual student-athletes and their families across the country in obtaining, negotiating, and executing NIL-related endorsements and complying with all laws and regulations set forth by their respective states, schools, and conferences, as well as the NCAA.

Additionally, we utilize our proven track record in handling complex trademark, copyright, and intellectual property matters to assist student-athletes in protecting their own name and branding needs. Our experience allows us to assist companies wishing to enter the NIL market and to guide individuals through the complexities of intellectual property concerns in the NIL space.

We actively track all state and federal legislative changes as well as all college, conference, and NCAA regulatory changes in the emerging NIL field to ensure that our NIL clients are in full compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to them and to ensure continued eligibility for the student-athlete involved.


Title IX

Title IX

Title IX prohibits all educational institutions receiving federal funds from discriminating on the basis of sex. This includes almost all colleges and universities, public or private, and all public schools. Bailey Glasser's Title IX team is comprised of the most experienced Title IX attorneys in the nation. 

Bailey Glasser’s Arthur Bryant was lead trial counsel in the first Title IX case tried against a university for discriminating against its women athletes and potential athletes. He has successfully represented more women athletes and potential athletes in Title IX litigation against schools and universities than any lawyer in the country.

At Bailey Glasser, Arthur and his co-counsel have already used or are using Title IX to preserve women’s athletic opportunities and advance gender equity at Brown University, William & Mary College, East Carolina University, the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Dartmouth College, the University of California, Fresno, University of St. Thomas, La Salle University, and Clemson University.

To see more of Bailey Glasser's Title IX victories, please click here


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