Bailey Glasser Protects School from Misguided Protesters


One of the of individuals, who was a part of a group protesting the construction of a Planned Parenthood health facility and that has been targeting young students at the nearby public charter school in Northeast Washington, D.C., has agreed to a permanent injunction. The injunction puts an end to the activity at times when the students are coming to and leaving the school. You can read the Agreed Order here.

Bailey Glasser attorney Michael L. Murphy of the firm’s Washington, D.C., office, representing the school pro bono, stated that “we are pleased with the settlement as it allows the school to maintain a safe and orderly environment for its students while permitting ample time and places for the protesters to express their message.” He added, “this lawsuit has been about one thing all along – student safety – recognizing that the First Amendment is extremely important but not unlimited.”

The anti-abortion activists have been gathering outside Two Rivers Public Charter School, waving gruesome images of aborted fetuses at grade-school children to protest the construction of a Planned Parenthood facility next door.

Bailey Glasser filed a lawsuit in December 2015 on the school’s behalf to stop the targeting of its students as they came to school. The complaint accused the protesters of “engaging in a concerted effort to aggressively confront students, harm their emotional well-being, upset their parents and guardians, and ultimately damage the school’s reputation within the community.”

Two Rivers Public Charter School is represented by Michael L. Murphy, Ora Nwabueze and Cary Joshi of Bailey Glasser’s Washington, DC office as well as Ben Bailey of the firm’s Charleston, West Virginia office.

Media Coverage:

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