Bailey Glasser Helps School Protect its Students


Anti-abortion protesters have been targeting young students because their school is near the site of a future Planned Parenthood facility.

Young students at a public charter school in Northeast Washington, DC, have been caught in the crossfire between abortion rights supporters and anti-abortion activists. The anti-abortion activists have been gathering outside Two Rivers Public Charter School, waving gruesome images of aborted fetuses at grade-school children to protest the construction of a Planned Parenthood facility next door.

Bailey Glasser attorneys Michael L. Murphy, Ora Nwabueze, and Cary Joshi of the firm’s Washington, DC, office, representing the school pro bono, filed a lawsuit on the school’s behalf to attempt to protect the well-being of the students. The complaint accuses the protesters of “engaging in a concerted effort to aggressively confront students, harm their emotional well-being, upset their parents and guardians, and ultimately damage the school’s reputation within the community.”

The lawsuit asks for an injunction against the protesters to prevent them from approaching and talking to students outside the school.

Because the lawsuit’s primary goal is to protect the safety of the students, it has garnered a great deal of attention and support from the elected officials of the District of Columbia. “We are committed to ensuring that students, teachers and parents are not harassed or otherwise intimidated by aggressive and unnecessarily inflammatory protests that go beyond the protections afforded by the First Amendment,” said District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine in a statement.  Mayor Muriel E. Bowser stated that the city is “doing everything possible to protect students, their families and the community.”

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