Welcome! This web page is designed to provide the class members in Cohen v. Brown University – all women student-athletes and potential student-athletes at Brown University since 1992 – and all others access to the August 2020 videotaped depositions (testimony under oath) of the following individuals at Brown University:

  1. President Christina Paxson
  2. Excellence in Athletics Committee Chair Kevin Mundt
  3. Athletic Director Jack Hayes
  4. Sailing Coach John Mollicone

Note: Small portions of the Paxson and Mollicone depositions involve information that Brown University claims is confidential. For that reason, we have removed those portions from the videos and redacted them from the deposition transcripts posted with the videos. At the moment, that information can be disclosed to all class members, class counsel, and expert witnesses in the case, but cannot be disclosed to others or the public.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, contact class counsel Arthur Bryant of Bailey & Glasser at abryant@baileyglasser.com.

President Christina Paxson

Please read the transcript here

Excellence in Athletics Committee Chair Kevin Mundt

Please read the full transcript here

Athletic Director Jack Hayes

Please read the full transcript here

Sailing Coach John Mollicone

Please read the transcript here.

Brown Settlement Terms and Amendment to Joint Agreement

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