Joseph Buffey's Lawyers Ask Judge to Compel State to Turn Over DNA Expert's File


Bailey Glasser attorneys defending a man that prosecutors have insisted on trying again — even after another man was convicted in the rape he served 15 years in prison for — filed a motion accusing the state of  withholding evidence that could prove their client’s innocence.

Joseph Buffey served 15 years in prison for rape, even though DNA results at the time of his conviction cast doubt upon his guilt. Buffey and his attorneys didn’t find out about those DNA results until after his guilty plea was finalized and he was sentenced to 70 years in prison — far longer than his public defender mistakenly told him he would get.

Now that his case is back in criminal court, Buffey is being represented by Benjamin Bailey of Bailey Glasser’s Charleston, West Virginia, office; Barry Scheck and Nina Morrison of the Innocence Project in New York; and Allan Karlin of Morgantown, West Virginia.

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