Agreement in Principle reached in Volkswagen "Clean Diesel" (Emissions Defeat Device) MDL No. 2672


San Francisco, Calif. – (April 21, 2016) – The MDL Plaintiffs' Steering Committee leading the Volkswagen Emissions "Defeat Device" consumer class actions is pleased to announce that they have reached an Agreement in Principle with Volkswagen regarding the claims of all 2.0 liter TDI owners and lessees. The agreement is an important first step in the effort to obtain full compensation for consumers and remediation of the environment impact caused by excessive emissions.

"On behalf of the consumer class of diesel owners and lessees, I am very pleased with our progress, with VW and with the federal and California authorities toward a fair, effective, and integrated solution for consumers and for the environment. We look forward to working through remaining issues and details, and presenting agreement documentation to the court, class and public on June 21, 2016," said Elizabeth Cabraser, Court-appointed Lead Counsel for the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee.

The presiding judge, Honorable Charles R. Breyer of the United States District Court of the Northern District of California, said during today’s hearing that the parties will have to work very hard in the upcoming weeks to negotiate the numerous deal points and details necessary to achieve a final settlement agreement.  To that end, Judge Breyer emphasized that while the parties’ negotiations must remain confidential, the Court will provide consumers ample opportunity to review and comment before any agreement is approved.

The Court noted that consumers will not have to choose between a proposed buyback or emission modification until after they have received and have had time to consider all necessary and relevant information.  All consumers will have enough information to allow them to make fully informed decisions.  Judge Breyer encouraged owners and lessees to remain open-minded and not to come to premature conclusions before they have had the opportunity to review the complete details of the upcoming settlement agreement.

The parties remain in discussions regarding an appropriate resolution for affected 3.0 liter diesel models. It is expected that the Court will provide updates as the parties continue to make progress.

The MDL Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee affirms its commitment to consumers. This Agreement in Principle is a very positive development, and it creates an opportunity for Volkswagen to begin to right the wrongs it committed in this country.

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