Associated Press: Olympic Gold - Clemson Men’s Track Tries To Save Its Program

Associated Press

Associated Press: Olympic Gold - Clemson Men’s Track Tries To Save Its Program

4/7/2021 by Pat Graham

Middle-distance runner Kameron Jones’ lasting mark on the Clemson track and field program may not have anything to do with the times he turns in or the medals he brings home.

It will be a win, for sure — just not on the track but through lobbying efforts or, possibly, should it come to that, the legal system.

Jones has a gold-medal mindset when it comes to saving the men’s track and field program — along with cross country — from being cut by the school for budgetary reasons.

The graduate transfer and his teammates were informed in November that a program sponsored more than 67 years ago — and has produced 22 Olympians and 16 NCAA individual champions — would be shuttered after this spring season. They’ve lobbied, petitioned, marched and hired outside counsel in an effort to be heard.

Clemson’s men’s track and cross country teams are part of the at least 85 Division I sports programs to be shuttered since the coronavirus pandemic started a year ago because of financial strains. Olympic and college-sports leaders fear it will only continue as changes in the college system take hold. Congress and the NCAA are considering allowing athletes to benefit from their name, image and likeness (NIL). There are also proposals in Congress that would allow schools to pay players beyond the scholarship and stipends they already receive.

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