Bailey Glasser lawyers are deeply committed to fighting for victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other crimes against or impacting one’s gender or identity. Oftentimes, survivors of sexual abuse or harassment understandably feel hesitant to come forward with their claims. We strive to provide a comforting, supportive setting for our clients and empower them to find their voice and fight for justice one step at a time.


On our end, we tirelessly seek justice and institutional change on behalf of the victims we represent, in an attempt to expose this systemic wrongdoing and prevent future cases of sexual abuse and harassment. Some of our most inspiring clients have sustained unfathomable sexual abuse and other misconduct at the hands of their employers, or by teachers and administrators in our schools.

We have been proud to step forward and give these remarkable, strong individuals their well-deserved day in court.

Although sexual abuse/assault and harassment have been around for years, the #MeToo movement brought national attention to this important issue in 2017. Sexual harassment is present and pervasive in many workplaces, and damaged the lives and careers of countless individuals. It affects hundreds of thousands of women and men in the United States, 51 percent of whom are harassed by an authority figure, making it harder to come forward for fear of retaliation.

Most states require that victims of sexual abuse/assault and harassment file their claims within a prescribed timeframe after the abuse or harassment occurred. If you are the victim of sexual abuse or harassment and wish to speak with one of our lawyers, please contact us immediately. 

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  • Obtained a $3 million settlement for three male child victims in a sexual abuse case against a local school board
  • Successfully litigated sexual abuse cases against local school boards on behalf of three female child victims
  • Helped victims of sexual harassment successfully resolve their employment discrimination lawsuits against their former employers, pre-trial
  • Represented a student, pro bono, in a Title IX matter who was wrongfully suspended from a prestigious institution of higher education


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Frequently Asked Questions

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