FORTNITE TO FORTUNE HUNTERS: Examining the Billion Dollar Esports Industry


Esports, the world of professional competitive gaming, is a burgeoning industry with millions of fans and billions of dollars up for grabs. The games your kids may be playing in your living room are changing the worlds of gaming, gambling and technology and consumption of those products in ways that will last generations. Streaming and live high-profile events have turned Esports companies, Esports teams, and Esports gamers into superstars – and millionaires – overnight. 

Given the limitless ability of these technologies to scale, the future value of Esports could one day eclipse that of “traditional” sports, professional hockey, basketball, or football. Please join Bailey Glasser practitioners Carlos Duque and Jacob Steffey for a fast-paced and informative 30-minute webinar that will give you a top-level overview of the Esports industry and legal issues involved in this billion dollar+ industry, including: 

  • Industry overview & trends
  • Global reach and impact of industry
  • Streaming services, competitive events, and online gaming
  • Legal issues and concerns, including union and L&E implications

Please click here to watch the webinar.  

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