Webinar: Decentralized Finance and the SEC: What You Need to Know About the Shifting Sands of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies In The Crosshairs of Federal Enforcement Agencies

09.22.2022 | 3:30-4:15 PM ET

Webinar Invitation

Startups of all shapes and sizes have been issuing NFTs and cryptocurrencies in what until recently appeared to be an entirely unregulated environment. NFTs and other token offerings were considered safe and affordable alternatives to more traditional capital raises – cheap and easy ways to raise capital without becoming entangled in the regulatory quagmire that is state and federal securities regulation in the U.S. For a brief moment, founders and issuers were living the dream – indeed they thought it would go on forever.

Then the cops showed up.

In July, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a pair of civil and criminal complaints against certain Coinbase insiders alleging wire fraud and insider trading scheme involving crypto assets. The SEC categorized nine of the crypto assets trading on the Coinbase platform as “securities,” which triggers an obligation on the issuers and the trading platform to comply with state and federal securities laws. The NFT and cryptocurrency world is now in a state of frenzy.

On September 22nd at 3:30pm ET, please join Bailey Glasser lawyers Carlos Duque and Michael de León Hawthorne for an informative webinar that will unpack what this means for the crypto and NFT industries and how to best protect yourself from SEC inquiries and actions. This 45-minute webinar will include special guest Dr. Jesse Reich aka Aggroed Lighthacker, Founder and CEO of Splinterlandsa decentralized, digital collectible trading card game built on blockchain technology. Aggroed will provide his unique and detailed opinion on what the SEC’s filing means for the industry.

Among the topics set for discussion:

  • Legal framework of the allegations

  • Overview of the SEC rulings

  • Real world impact of the allegations

  • What is the most likely outcome of these cases?

DATE: Thursday, September 22, 2022

TIME: 3:30-4:15 PM ET

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We welcome your questions related to this program - please email them to questions@baileyglasser.com.

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