Orthopedic Injury


Bailey Glasser represents a Plaintiff in a case pending in the New York Supreme Court against an orthopedic surgeon and medical center after the doctor is alleged to have performed an unnecessary left total hip arthroplasty on the Plaintiff, who was only experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of arthritis. The surgery led to devastating complications and the surgery itself is alleged to have been performed in a manner deviating from good and accepted medical customs, practice and standards. As a result, the Plaintiff’s condition worsened, and also caused severe pain and suffering, psychological trauma, lost wages, the need for additional surgery, among the injuries suffered and other severe personal injuries.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 300,000 people aged 45 and older have total hip replacements each year in the United States. Hip replacements are often done as a result of arthritis, injuries or fractures, and diseases that affect the bones in the joints.

If you have had a total hip replacement and have experienced symptoms or issues such as the implant moving or loosening, requiring additional surgeries, numbness, groin or hip pain, localized swelling or the inability to walk, contact Bailey Glasser for a consultation.

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