February 24th, 2017

Energy Supplier Wins $1.6 Million Judgment in Contract Dispute

Judge David E. Cain of the Franklin County, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas awarded Gatling Ohio, LLC, a $1.6 million judgment, plus interest, in a contract dispute with Allegheny Energy Supply Company, LLC.  The total awarded damages, with interest, are more than $2 million dollars.

The dispute was over a coal sales agreement established in 2008, amended in 2012 to allow delivery of substitute coal from a different mine. In 2012, Allegheny refused to pay the full price for coal delivered and refused to accept additional coal from the new mine.

Gatling Ohio sued. In a complicated ruling, the Court found Gatling Ohio was owed $1.6 million plus interest, from Allegheny Energy.

Gatling Ohio was represented by Brian Glasser and Maryl Sattler of Bailey & Glasser, Rodney Smith, with Bailess Smith PLLC, and Michael J. Boyle Jr.